One of things you should never  say to someone who is depressed is “you’re depressed again” that just makes them mad to say that because it sounds like you dont really care about their well being,

another thing you should never say to someone that has anxiety is “its all in your head” that is one of my personal favorites. That just pisses me off. because, if it was just all in our heads dont you think that we would have tried that. Nobody wants to feel all anxious and frustrated all the time.

another thing that you should never say to someone who is depressed and anxious is “I know how you feel” unless you have depression and anxiety you will never feel or know how debilitating it is to have depression and anxiety.

Another one of my favorites is “stop worrying all the time” believe me if that was possible at all, we would have already done that. It is so debilitating to constantly worry all the time. for me I can not go to sleep because we are constantly worrying about every little thing.

So if you know someone who has depression and anxiety, one of the best things you can do for them is be understanding and dont judge them because of their mental illness.



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