If someone you love weather it be a loved one or your significant other that has anxiety and/or depression, you need to understand that the way they’re acting or saying is beyond their control. From my experience with being with my boyfriend. One thing that you have to know and understand is that with someone suffering from anxiety, That person worries constantly and will sometimes worry about a little thing and make it into a bigger thing. The one thing that you should not do if that happens is argue with them and also do not tell them that they are being ridiculous. All we want our significant other to do is be very understanding and just get it in your head that the worrying that they do is really out of their control. If we start to rant or rave about something, all we want you to do is be supportive and loving.

Now with someone who has depression, you also need to know is that their depression is also out of their control and sometimes it will kick in out of nowhere and when that happens they lose interest in everything and all they want to do is just stay home and sleep and mope. What the other needs to know is to not treat it lightly or get mad at them if all of a sudden they tell you that they do not want to do anything and that they just want to stay home, especially if plans were made. What the significant other has to do is just go over to their place and hug them and kiss them and support them, all they need to know is that they are loved.

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