Okay, so my boyfriend and I were at dennys and we had finished our food. My boyfriend wanted to stay seated so we can talk more. My anxiety was so high today (6-27) that I was fidgeting like crazy. My boyfriend almost got his feelings hurt because I was fidgeting so much that he thought that i was in a hurry to leave. So, this is why you need to know your partner or friends anxiety and their symptoms so you will understand their

behaviors and not take it personally. My blog post  How to deal with a loved one or significant other that has anxiety has more ways how you can deal with your partners/friends anxiety disorder.

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10 thoughts on “An anecdotal story about anxiety.”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your anxiety experience. I have suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember and I am sure that at times, my appearance has been mistaken for boredom. There is so much about anxiety that people need to understand.

    1. I agree. My boyfriend still doesn’t understand that when I am fixated on a small thing that it is my anxiety. So he is learning As well

  2. I don’t have anxiety but everyone gets anxious about things at times. As a nurse, I think you have written a very good article describing what people go through and how to not make those people feel any more anxious because of your own feelings. Excellent job

  3. Thank you for sharing, anxiety can be crippling at times. I don’t suffer from it; however, my husband is a combat veteran and deals with PTSD and severe anxiety so I am exposed to it daily. Knowing your partner or friends triggers and signs of distress are extremely important!

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