if you or someone you know are suffering from depression and they are having suicidal thoughts. I URGE you to find help. Talk to a friend, a loved one and most importantly a PROFESSIONAL. Know that they are people that love you and do not want to see you go so soon. It will NOT be better off if you were gone, The reality is that you will hurt them so bad and stick them with the responsibility of preparing for the funeral, have them call all family members to give them the bad news that they have killed themselves. Believe me, I sometimes have suicidal thoughts, it is better to talk to someone you trust and to a professional so that they can help you. If you can not go see a professional in person you can always call the National suicide prevention lifeline 1-800-2738255.

You are not alone

If you and your partner are having issues this site can help you with couples therapy https://www.regain.us/ advice/therapist/couples- therapy-cost-is-it-worth-it/

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