Therapy animals are a great way to calm you down and lower your anxiety. I use to have 3 cats and one dog. They were my fur babies and they actually did lower if not get rid of my anxiety. If you can not have pets where you live, you can ask your psychiatrist to write you a doctors note saying that you need a therapy animal for your anxiety. The landlords have to accept it because it is the law. How therapy animals work to relieve stress is that petting reduces stress. When you are petting or grooming your pets you are  connecting to your pet and with that happening your body releases a stress hormone called oxytocin . when oxytocin is released in your body, oxtocin helps to reduce blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels. Here is also some information on how you can make your pet cat or dog into a certified therapy animal. 1) your pet must be certified/registered by an AKC recognized therapy dog organization. 2) Perform the required number of visits for the title for which you are applying to. 3) AKC therapy dog distinguished (THDD), must have completed 400 visits. However if you feel like you do not want to have pets in your place, there are other natural ways to get your anixety down.

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