shere are some tips on how to stop and control your anxiety.

  1. Breathing exercises:
    1. breathe in slowly and gently through your nose for about 5-7 seconds and hold for about three seconds
    2. 7-9-Breath out slowly and gently through your pursed lips like you’re whistling for about 7-9 seconds
    3.  repeat this  exercise 10-20 times.
  2. Talk to someone friendly: talking to nice people keeps your mind off of your symptoms and the supportive nature of friends and family members gives you that added boost of confidence.
  3. Trick your anxious think by creating a questions checklist. The longer the list the more youll find that your thoughts become more realistic. For example, is there a reason to believe that something is wrong?, What evidence is there that something is wrong? and is there a chance that im blowing things out of proportions.
  4. Listen to good music: Like i have stated in the natural ways to deal with anxiety other than medication posts.
  5. Have positive affirmations in hand or in your head and repeat them until you are calm.
  6. Let it all out. yes you heard me. I said let it all out, you will feel better. plus, holding it in only makes your anxiety and attack worse
  7. Find out other ways relaxes you.

Not only am I writing to help other people. I am also researching ways to calm me down from my crazy anxiety so that I dont take it out on the people that I love.  I hope this post and all my other posts have helped you or someone you love with their anxiety issues. come back soon for more informative posts on mental health.


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