How many people out there have done this. You have been taking your psych meds for a long time and then you think that you are cured so you stopped taking your medication. This situation is pretty common especially with people diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. I I myself have been guilty of doing this. I am diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I have been taking my medication for a couple of years now and recently I have thought that i was cured and better cause i wasn’t having any panic attacks or mood changes and have actually stopped taking my medication. With my medication I take them twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. I would take them in the morning but not take them at night. I know that I need to take them all the time.I also have a friend who has been diagnosed with anxiety and she has stopped taking her medication for six months. However her situation is totally different. her doctor has told her that her taking medication was only temporarily and can stop taking her medication when she can really manage her stress in a healthy way. My friend has been able to manage her stress and how she does that is by meditation and art. So as you can see that you can actually stop taking your medication, but you still need to talk to your psychiatrist/therapist if it a good idea to do that. My friend still sees her doctor regularly. stay tuned for more stories and articles about mental illness.

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