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                   Teen assisted suicide

So, I am sure that you all have heard in the news about the teen couple in Massachusetts. Where the girlfriend had pushed the boyfriend Conrad through text messages to commit suicide. Also, how the news has influenced and glorified teen suicide. If/when you read my post 13 reasons why (not directly about the movie), you will know my stance about that. Going back to the Massachusetts case. This case could give teenagers the wrong message. The message is that they might not get prison time if they were to assist someone to commit suicide.

Friends influence friends

Well no offense to what the news said about the media influencing her and her boyfriend, but what really influenced both of them was each other. Everyone knows that the most influential part of a teenagers life is the friends that they have and hang out with. even though she wasn’t physically there with him, she was virtually there with him through text messaging. Text messaging is how these teenagers communicate with one another. Plus it makes them seem like they are completely anonymous and don’t even have to see the other persons face. The fact that we are little by little getting to be more mechanical and virtual, it has been more and more easy for teenagers to bully other teens because it is completely anonymous. the rise in teen suicide isn’t because of the media, it is mostly because they have a new and completely anonymous way to bully people now.

bullying and cyber bullying

the hikes in teen suicide are from cyber bullying and bullying in general. According to the article “cyber bullying and suicide teens who experience cyber bullying are twice as likely to attempt suicide than teens who just experience the traditional bullying. This is because teenagers nowadays are plugged into social media and technology. Plus, once it is on the internet it is there forever. This also goes for texting someone, those mean text these kids send to each other is on their phone forever. It doesn’t matter if they delete on the phone, the Phone company has the copy of the text on their servers and computers. Furthermore, the article also states that most of the teen’s suicide is from bullying and cyber bullying. The article states that parents NEED to talk to their children about suicide and death, as well as talking to them about the movies/shows and that they are not real and not to take whatever they see in the media too seriously. Moreover, the website explains that kids these days spend 7 hours a day connected to social media, texting, calling and instant messaging. they are connected and plugged into their devices and social media like Facebook and twitter. However, while kids are influenced by the media like television shows and movies. It has been more and more easy for teenagers to bully other people.</p>


So, in conclusion, while the news has said that Michelle’s texting to Conrad had nothing to do with his suicide. Studies have shown that teens are really heavily influenced by social media and texting.<

If you or someone you know is depressed and thinking about suicide. I highly recommend that you or anyone elseget professional help. gives you affordable choices to see a therapist or psychiatrist.

Suicide prevention hotline 1800-273-8255

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