Lavender is an herb that you can find in candles, oils, teas and lotions and bubble bath. lavender helps calm your nerves and soothes you with its amazing scent

Chamomile is also an herb that helps calm you down and soothes you to help you fall a sleep. it can be found in teas, candles, aromatherapy, oils and also in lotions and in bubble baths.

L-theanine is an amino acid that is found in plants. It is used in teas and helps you fall a sleep and de-stresses and soothes you so that you are calm and able to sleep.

You can eat dark chocolate, walnuts and/or drink tea or water. Most likely you may be irritable and stressed out because you are hungry. eat a little health snack including dark chocolate and it will calm you down. It is known that dark chocolate has anti-oxidants that help with your body and your health.

Besides these foods and herbs, the most effective way to manage your stress is to have a healthy diet and exercise. you can do some yoga, meditation, go running or take a stroll outside.

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