How to spot a panic attack

Generalized Anxiety disorder and Severe anxiety

Panic attacks often look like someone having an emotional breakdown. For example, someone who is crying constantly and hard, and also short breathing. They may also be someone having irrational and emotional thoughts. For example, someone thinking and believing that no one loves them and not trusting anyone to help them. As well as, someone wanting reassurance that someone does love them and that they can trust them to support and want to help them out. According to the psychological symptoms of a panic attack is depersonalization, derationalizationalization, fear of losing control, fear of going crazy, and fear of dying. As someone that has had tongs of panic attacks, these are totally what I experience all the time., also says that the underlying thought of a panic attack is fear. which to me is definitely true.

How to help someone who is having a panic attack

It is in my opinion based on my own experience that if .someone you love is having a panic attack you should tell hem that they will be alright and that they are not going crazy. Because, when they are having a panic attack that they are thinking that they are going crazy. You need to tell them that you are there for them no matter what. Furthermore, try helping them focus on their deep breathing techniques.


How to calm yourself down from having a panic attack

According to www.betterhelp.coms article: Panic attacks: what to do when it happens” If you are having a panic attack caused by a trigger such as stress at work or another kind of trigger, you should go to an open space where you can get fresh air. However, if you can not go out, you should do some deep breathing exercises. what you can do to be in tune with your body and your breathing, You should do some yoga and meditation. these exercises will help you manage your breathing and your thinking to help you prevent having a panic attack. However, the best way to help you manage your anxiety and panic attacks is to seek professional help. If you can not afford to get a therapist or psychiatrist, you can always seek a professional through at no cost to you. in addition to that you can try arts and crafts and writing in a journal to get your thoughts out on paper and out of your head. bottom line try to keep yourself busy so that you are not dwelling on your negative thoughts and fears.

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