substance abuse and mental illness

research has shown that substance abuse and mental illness have been higher than people who just abuse drugs and alcohol. People with mental illness are more often than not self medicating with drugs and alcohol to escape their problems rather than trying to seek professional help. The reason why this has been happening is mostly in part due to the media perceiving mental illness as a bad and dangerous thing to have and people are afraid of being labeled as crazy. which for me is totally insane and politically incorrect. anyone with a mental illness should go and seek professional help. In my own experience seeing a psychiatrist and therapist has tremendously helped me out. It is also really important to have a great support system around you. People who know and love you who understand that youre mental illness does not define who you are and are there to help you out emotionally whenever you need it. I will be doing more research on the comorbidity on substance abuse and mental illness so stayed tuned for more information.

According to a co-morbidity study people who suffer from mental illness are twice a likely to have substance abuse disorders because they are trying to self medicate themselves with drugs like cigarettes, marijuana, and alcohol. furthermore, the study also states that substance abuse is higher among males than females and that males are likely to suffer from anti social personality disorders and females are more likely to have mood and anxiety disorders. Moreover, the study also states that the youth are more likely to do drugs than adults because mental illness happens to appear in adolescence than in adulthood.

It is in my opinion that parents need to watch their children and make sure they do not abuse drugs and alcohol because they affect the brains functioning and teenagers are more likely to be addicted to drugs and alcohol because their brains are still growing and changing and pruning so the drugs kill the brain cells and stop the growing process and also make the brain use to drugs and alcohol and become dependent on them and make the teenagers become addicted to drugs and alcohol and need them to function at the very least.


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