standing up for yourself at work.

So for about a month i have been harassed and bullied by one of my coworkers. I have been biting my tongue and trying to tolerate her behavior and attitude towards me. However it had gotten to the point where i could not take it anymore because she was starting to get physical with pushing me out of the way because she didnt like how i was doing my job. I went directly to the chef and told him that i could no longer take the harassment anymore and that i had tried to tolerate it and tried to work with her but i could no longer take it anymore. the chef said that he would talk to her about it and then separated us so that i could be comfortable working and doing my job. However, she did not stop with the attitude and behavior so the next day i called out because i can not work with her anymore and that I will be filing a complaint against to human resources the next day and i did. The reason why i am writing about this because it is very important to stand up for yourself instead of trying to tolerate it you really need to report it to your superiors and human resources. Also, it is very important to document every single incident that happens with the other person so that you have proof that it happened. It is always an empowering thing to feel because you feel no longer helpless about the situation. I know this has hardly anything to do with mental illness. well , it kind of does cause if you keep holding in the anguish from the harassment it cant take a toll on your psyche.

The Meeting

So  yesterday I had a meeting with the chef, the HR lady christie and that god damn lady Alicia that i hate so much.  We talked about all of the issues that we have problems with and said that we were no longer gong to do them and try to get along. I absolutely meant what i said  and would try not to do the things i did and would try to be nicer and more respectful. After the meeting when we started working she went back on her word and was the disrespectful and rude self. So now im just going to document everything that she does to me and when i get a few pages im going to give it to Human resources and show them how she is with me and with the other workers in the kitchen. Yet another failed situation with human resources and with that god damn bitch.

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