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The holidays are just right around the corner which means that for some people it means happy times, family, friends and lots of love. However, To those who have mental illnesses like depression, anxiety etc… The holidays are days that are reminders that we are alone and lonely and hating life. because of all the happiness that we wish we had within ourselves. So with that all being said i have found a really easy and cool way to get rid of all of your anxiety. It is called the anxiety list. this is how it works you grab a pen and pad and you set up an exact time and day for 5 minutes or so and sit down and write down all of your anxieties for that day.  After you have done that, than you think about easy solutions for each of those anxieties and write the down. When those problem anxieties come up during your day you keep telling yourself that already have the solution to that problem and you have it covered. if new anxieties happen to pop up you write them down in your notebook and go thru the whole anxiety check list.

The Anxiety Checklist

  1. grab a pen and pad. Make a set time and day for you to sit down and write down all of your anxieties for that day before your day even starts. some recommend that you do it before you eat lunch. However,  it is up to you to find the right time and day for you to do this activity.
  2. . write down all of your anxieties for the day
  3. write down easy solutions to those problems.
  4.  when those anxieties come up. you just keep reminding yourself that you have got those solutions already down and not to worry a bout it
  5. if/when another problem anxiety happens to come up. you stop what you’re doing and write down that problem anxiety and the solution to that problem.
  6. keep u all of your thought journal writings to control and crush your anxieties.



Please keep coming back to my site to find easy and fun solutions for your anxiety and other mental illnesses..  If you have a topic or problem you would like me to publish i am just an email away.

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