living with depression part 2

living with depression

hello everyone, so you may have read my original post living with depression  and are probably wondering how  I have been doing lately. Well my depression has seemed to persist and get worse cause on my days off i would be sleeping throughout the whole day and ended up not doing my important errands that  needed to do. So far, it has been going on for a couple more weeks. even the week of christmas where my schedule had me of for most of the week i would just sleep the whole day off and still be so tired and exhausted that  still just wanted to go back to sleep. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow in the morning so i will definitely be telling my doctor about my recent sleeping habits. also, on a different subject i have recently gotten carpal tunnel from my work because of all of the repetitive hand movements. so now i i have to wear wrists braces throughout the whole day to not make it worse and i have been prescribed a heavy dose of naproxen (aleve) for my pain from my wrist. So, if i havent written another post  in a while itll probably be due to the fact that my carpal tunnel has gotten worse and cant type. but dont worry I am still coming up with more topics to write about.


Some of you maybe wondering why i write about my experiences with anxiety and depression. The reason why I write about my mental health experiences  is because to show others who may be suffering in silence that they are not alone in their suffering and that they can find a cathartic way to release the sadness and anxiety by having someone they trust and know they will support them no matter what and telling that person about their troubles. you can also write it in your journal and also by seeing a professional. which i highly recommend. is a cheap way of finding the right professional anytime you want. My site also has a lot of creative ways to release your stress and anxiety. the resource library and ways to calm down from anxiety are some of the resources that i have. if you need someone to talk to that will understand what you are going through i am always free and willing to listen to your problems and give you support.

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