suffering from depression while working

It has come to my attention that employers still do not know how depression and anxiety affect someones work performance. My employer knows that i suffer from anxiety and depression yet they still expect me to be highly motivated and high energy at work. My depression has gotten worse since a month ago. I am constantly tired and exhausted and have very little motivation to do my work. I have told them this as well and they are all well that’s a personal matter and that it should not be hard for me to be motivated and to get my job done. If they have been totally educated in how depression and anxiety affects a person and their personality they would be more understanding to a persons performance and not try to push them out of their comfort zone and then threaten them by saying that if you dont change your work performance that they will fire you. To me that is an unfair thing to do someone who can not help how their work performance is because of how they suffer from a mental illness. In this day and age mental illness has become way more prevalent than it has been in the past. Yet, employers have still not been educated on the subject and how it affects people differently. I know that others have probably had the same if not even a worse experience with their own employers and would agree with me that it is totally unfair to expect everyone to perform the same way. It is also unfair to tell them that it is not a try situation it is a do. If you do not know how depression affects certain people you can not tell them that it is not a hard thing to do and then generalize it by then giving an example that they do it all the time. If you do not suffer from depression, YOU can not put yourself in my situation or anybody elses situation who suffers from a mental illness. Yes if we did not suffer from depression or anxiety or any other mental illness our performance would be totally different than it is now. However, depression affects people negatively, we lose motivation to do the things we love to do and even the things that we have to do, we even have no energy to do anything else. we are constantly tired and exhausted and constantly try fighting all of those feeling.

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