Post partum depression is a topic that not many people understand unless they’ve had it. Post partum to me is where you feel like you’re drowning and can’t get ahead.. You’re basically failing your child in your mind. You could be the best mom ever but in your head you’re the biggest failure of a mom ever. People who don’t understand post partum think it’s funny to make fun of or that it’s a made up illness. It’s not made up at all, it’s a very serious thing that needs to be treated immediately. PPD (post partum depression) can basically eat you alive until you can’t separate fact from fiction. It’s extremely important to tell someone you trust if you think you have PPD. PPD makes you think that you can’t do anything right. My personal struggles with PPD have caused me to not be the best mom I can be to my son. To some people it can be hiding in the bathroom crying while your child cry’s In another room. To some people it could be taking a second to calm down and breathe while your child stares at you. It’s different things for different people but that doesn’t mean it is any less real of a problem.

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