living with depression and anxiety everyday can be very overwhelming and debilitating. I know this cause i suffer from depression and generalized anxiety disorder. everyday is a struggle for me to get out of bed and be productive. my depression and anxiety have gotten overwhelmingly worse in the past few weeks to a few months where all i wanted to do was just sleep all day everyday and avoid everyone and everything in my life because i feel so worthless and ashamed of my life that i havent accomplished anything in my life and have nothing to show for it.  My anxiety would be freaking me out about my future and my depression would be telling me that I will always be a loser and that i will never have a successful career that i love, i will never get married and have a family of my own that i have always wanted. it always tells me that im a loser because im still living with my mom at the age of 33 and that at that age i should already be living at my own place with a successful career. However here i am still living with my mom and still trying to find myself. Hating myself for trusting someone that i thought was my friend but instead betrayed me and stabbed me in the back, getting in trouble with the law and ending up in jail for two months and a felony on my record. which i am still trying to get expunged. The whole point of this post right here is to inform people that suffering from depression and anxiety can take over your life and that you are not alone. this post is also to let you know how you can manage your depression and anxiety.


  • Yoga can be a very helpful way to calm yourself down from anxiety and depression. You don’t have to pay to go to a yoga studio to do yoga. you can go on youtube and find yoga videos to practice or you can buy yoga dvds and practice yoga at home. I also have a post of yoga poses that can cure/manage anxiety.
  • seeking professional help is a must to help you with your anxiety and depression. a therapist can tell you how to control your anxiety and depression without medication. A psychiatrist can prescribe you medication if you cant control it on your own. There are a few sites that have low cost ways to get professional help like
  • Writing in a journal about your feelings can definitely free you because you will be getting out all your worries on paper.
  • taking up a fun hobby to get your mind off of all the stress and worries that you may have. For example, I have taken up decorating my planner, crocheting and coloring
  • I also have a resource page with more activities that can help you manage your anxiety and depression.

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