Taking care of yourself

taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally is very important especially if you are suffering from a mental illness. For example, depression and anxiety. Taking care of yourself may seem like a huge undertaking, so just take it step by step and day by day. In order to take care of others in your life, you first need to take care of yourself first. How can you take care of others if you can’t even take care of yourself?

steps to take care of yourself

  1. exercise. You don’t need to get a gym membership. Take a walk outside, play a sport.
  2. Yoga:  you can do yoga at home. there are apps that help you. You can even by DVDs.
  3. meditate and ground yourself.
  4. write down your emotions, fears, and worries in a journal, writing in a journal helps relieve all your anxiety
  5. go outside and get some fresh air. staying at home will only make your anxiety worse because you’re not doing anything and your mind will start telling all of your fears and worries.
  6. Most importantly seek professional help, if you are having suicidal idealizations  PLEASE call the suicide hotline 1800-273-8255

on a side note I have activities to help with your anxiety.

resource library and ways to calm down from anxiety


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21 thoughts on “Easier said than done”

    1. No problem. That is why I post and share this. People don’t realize that mental health is very important

  1. Mental illness is a tough one because it’s so difficult to explain it to someone. There are so many people whose initial reactions are — “Well just get over it,” which is really not the answer. Thanks for writing this post, it’s very important.


  2. Great reminders, little things that can make a huge difference. This is great to read for me as a psychologist. Sleep and being surrounded by positive people are big ones too.

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