As you know I write from experience to let others know that they are not alone. With that being said todays topic is about working in a stressful environment while suffering from anxiety and depression. My work environment has been stressful because I have one coworker who is so two faced and a control freak and who also refuses to accept that I have carpal tunnel and cant lift anything heavy. So I am constantly arguing with her and it has gotten to the point where my anxiety has gotten worse where im starting have panic attacks and even crying from frustration . Which For me crying is my panic attack. Talking to management hasn’t worked. talking to HR hasn’t worked and it is all because she lies through her teeth about everything when I have told the truth and owned up to everything wrong that I have said or did. When any stressful situation happens to come your way it is important that you find a creative outlet to let all your frustrations out for example, you can’t take up a hobby like planner decorating or even a journal to write in that You can decorate. It is important that you have a lot of support and someone to trust that you can talk to you for me it is family and love ones.

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