It is important for people who suffer from anxiety and depression to go outside and get some fresh air. Being cooped up inside your house all day long will drive you insane, which will make your anxiety and depression worse. So try to go outside just for a little while and soak up the sun!!!! Take a walk around the block. I know  that you are probably saying to yourself that it is easier said than done. Believe me I have been there. This whole week I have been so lazy that I have been sleeping a whole lot more than I should have and even a friend was getting worried and was telling me that it is not healthy to be sleeping as much as I do. I have been sleeping a lot because I haven’t been taking my medication lately, cause I have been too lazy to get up and take them. However, Here I am now outside in a library writing to you guys on my new laptop and driving around town having fun. Going outside in the sun will help you to be more active and the sun will make you feel better and a little happy that you will want to go outside more often. If you are feeling depressed and/or anxious write in a journal. writing your feelings and thoughts down will relieve your stress because now they are written down on paper and you have vented out your feelings in a healthy way.


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