Autism is a social, learning, and behavioral mental disorder. It is usually diagnosed by the age of 3. It Is characterized by delayed speech, lack of communication and behavioral issues such as pinching, hitting, biting and spitting when frustrated and even banging their heads on walls. However do not start thinking that people with autism aren’t smart or intelligent. In fact people with autism are actually very intelligent and some have savant like qualities. People with autism have difficulty with social situations and have difficulty with maintaining eye contact. They also have very high sensory input and require and need sensory outlets to calm down. I have had clients whose families have gotten their child, trampolines, sand boxes and swings. Being a behavior interventionist I also get playdough and blocks for playtime and they absolutely love it. children with autism respond to rewards as well. They also thrive on structure. There is tons of resources for parents to help their children with their behaviors and become productive members of society

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