I have been attending an intensive outpatient program group to help with my major depressive disorder and my anxiety. This program is a way for people like us to get the intensive help we need without getting hospitalized. This program teaches you new ways to deal with and manage your anxiety and depression in new ways. They give you tools to stop you from thinking those repetitive negative thoughts in your head over and over and how you can switch that negative thought into a positive one. this group also gives you a sense of community because you will be with people who suffer like you have or worse which for me lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. and then for the second half of the group we are split in two groups and are able to share our feelings, thoughts and fears without judgement. this group also tells you to dont isolate yourself because that is when all those negative thoughts start to bombard you to the point where you fall into a deep depression. they will tell you to go outside, exercise, and get some sun.. and these techniques seriously really do work, i went to a park in the afternoon today soaking up the sun and relaxing, and it felt amazing to do that. also i write in my journals whenever i have something i need to get out of my chest and this is what this blog is all about as well as to let you know that you are never alone in what ever you might suffering from. I personally have tried writing in a journal, coloring, decorating planner and they have totally worked for me and make me feel so much better,

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