I know that it may sound cliché over said and heard. However, I am here to tell you that going outside and getting some fresh air and sunshine really does help your mood and your mental health. This weekend on Saturday and sunday and hardly was home i was out in the sun for most of the day and i feel so much better. I may be tired but my mood is much better than it was before. Little by little inch your way outside. set small goals for yourself that is achievable. As my therapist keeps telling us every session DONT ISOLATE, go outside, take a walk, enjoy the sun, go to the beach. the outside will do you some good. the sun will totally lift your mood. How can you be depressed when it is nice, warm and sunny. It is when you start to isolate yourself in the dark when your thoughts start to become negative and become a broken record to where you will start to believe it yourself. My therapist keeps telling us that if you keep complimenting yourself you will absolutely start believe it. This weekend started off bad because i found out Friday that my freaking front wheel of my car was about to fall off because the dealer didn’t put the brakes on right, and i could’ve gotten into a horrible accident and even gotten killed from it but i got it fixed and even though my anxiety was high i distracted myself by making peanut butter fudge and then just told myself that everything is fine now you got it fixed and you didn’t get into an accident from it. when i did get my car back i was still anxious driving it back home so when i got home i took my Ativan and just relaxed the rest of the day. also, I write in my journal to get out any other negative feelings that may have still been lingering from the day and all the weight was lifted off my shoulders.

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5 thoughts on “getting fresh air helps with anxiety and depression”

  1. I’ll agree that getting outside in the fresh air helps, but I prefer to be alone in the woods and not with other people in the direct sun. Maybe it’s my combination of depression and social anxiety, or maybe I’m just wired different, but other people never cheer me and I crave isolation. Except for my wife and kids, they’re the only exceptions…

  2. I find when I am feeling depressed that it is hard to get me outside. It is not that being inside makes me depressed, I just don’t want to go anywhere when I am.

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