My journey

Hello, my name is Heather Reed. I am 32 years old and suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and depression. Years ago, I was successful in my career, I was a behavior therapist working with children who have autism. I was so passionate being a behavior therapist. I absolutely love children and I love working with them. However, In 2015 I was having really bad panic attacks to where I couldn’t even control my anxiety and it interfered with my work. I was fired from 3 or 4 companies because of my nervous laughter. All of this was before I was even seeing a doctor and getting diagnosed with anxiety and depression. When I couldn’t keep a job I basically lost everything. I lost my car, my home my fur babies. I even did something that is nowhere near my character and it landed me in jail. My career is now ruined. I had to move in with my mom and her boyfriend in a one bedroom apartment. I literally have no privacy and my mom makes me feel like I’m still a little kid by asking me where I’m going, what I’m doing, who am I going to be out with. My mom even makes me feel like I am the family screw up and will never be successful in my life. My mom knows that I have anxiety and depression, however, she still doesn’t understand what it is. I have had some major panic attacks a few months ago and when that happened my mom just made it worse. The only good part was my mom’s boyfriend being on my side and telling her not to be a bitch because I am really upset and having a bad day.  I still see my psychiatrist every month and will be seeing the therapist as well. I still struggle with my anxiety and depression every day, The only thing that makes it better is managing my blog and that because it keeps me busy almost the whole day. Plus, it keeps my mind off things. The only thing that actually keeps me going is this blog cause there are a lot of supportive people in the blogging community who do not judge me and just listen to me. I have still been struggling with a lot of things. recently my stepdad was in the hospital for a few weeks and had found out that he had colon cancer. they had excised hopefully. However, we do not know if it has spread to is lymphnodes which is super scary. It has been taking a a toll on my mental health. with that being said than done it has really effected my work eithcs.

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